Wednesday, June 23, 2010

cupcake decorations... faux fondant?

Try this when fondant fails...

Happening by accident, I mistook a packet of icing mixture, for pure icing sugar. (I believe the difference is that icing mixture has some portion of cornflour in it?) And following instructions I only vaguely remembered from the back of an icing sugar packet for making icing I ended up with these

So here's the recipe. The measurements are vague since I tend not to do proper measurements when making icing (sorry!) but I'll try my best to guide you through what to do :)

  • 1/3 cup of Icing mixture (Sifted if it is not from a new packet)
  • 2-3 tsp. of slightly melted room temp. butter
  • food colouring (preferably powder or liquid)
Other things you will need:
  • small cookie cutters
  • fondant cutters
  • baking paper (don't worry -no baking required!)
  • rolling pin (optional)

What to do:
  1. In a small bowl combine the ingredients with only the slightest amount of food colouring (remember food colouring is quite potent)
  2. place the bowl in either a larger bowl, or a sink of hot water. Make sure that there is enough hot water to come about half way up the outside of the bowl with the ingredients
  3. Leave for a minute to allow the butter to melt
  4. Mix the ingredients until well combined. If it is gooey, add more icing mixture. If it won't combine into something, add more butter
  5. Add more colour if you want
  6. Repeat step 4 until you are able to grab the icing in the bowl and mould it like play dough (It shouldn't be sticky, if it is, more icing mixture!!)
  7. On a sufficient sheet of baking paper flatten the mixture out with your palm (about 3-5mm), and roll out so it is smooth with a rolling pin. I skipped the rolling pin step because my mother hid it some where.. haha (it's okay to do it in small lots)
  8. Like the same way you would with cookies use the cutters to cut out your shape -IF they shapes tend to be really soft and break when you move them, just leave them where they are as the shapes will dry out as time passes.
  9. Fridge for 30 minutes before using.
You are done! :)

Here are other ones I made earlier.



  1. hee i love playing with fondant! the flower shapes look cute!

  2. Well done! I'm going to bookmark this in case I ever run out of fondant :)

  3. chocolatesuze: I wish I knew how to even make fondant, its always a disaster for me :(

    Lorraine: thanks! :)

  4. I love making cup cakes but my attempts at fondant never really come out well. I wish I had your flair for it!

  5. It looks gorgeous and really enticing! Anyone who sees it will be tempted for a bite. That is the wonder of decorating a cupcake. It is great for all occasions.