Monday, May 24, 2010


This blog, unlike my others in the past does not revolve around me, as much as it does around what I love to do in the kitchen.

After a long time debating over whether I should have (yes- another) blog; I caved in. In my defense and for my own piece of mind, I did think about this for over a month and decided this: anonymity.

If anyone ever asks me if this is my blog, I will say no. Haha. Though I am sure through my various posts, I will drop many hints about who I am.

What really persuaded me to do this is my growing passion for food, the taste, the smell, the art. My ever increasing curiosity and hunger (Hah!) to learn more about food, dining & cooking. It started just under 2 years ago and is starting to pick up speed. It's sometimes worrying because I DO prioritise it over work, over studying, the gym :S at this very moment, I should actually be studying capital markets (*sigh. I feel a little bit of guilt sinking in).

Hope you guys enjoy! :)


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